The article discusses lift force generated by mini quad-rotors. CFD (Computational Fluid
Dynamics) simulations were made on the base of a 3D scanned propeller model. Influence of
some geometrical parameters of propeller (like velocity or pitch) and quadcopter (like gap) on
lifting force was considered. Different propeller pitches were used and pitch influence on
propeller lift force was analyzed. Normally, lifting force will increase with the increasing of
propeller pitch but for different rotation velocities, this increasing is different and in all cases, it
can be approximated by a linear relationship. To obtain dependency functions, an equation for
calculation of lift force given took into account the correction coefficients. This equation gave
reliable results at pitch values equal to 0.3-0.7 of the propeller diameter and at rotation velocities
of 2000 min

-۸۰۰۰ min

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